Ultra Caster

Review: Pontos Ultra Caster length: 4.20m casting weight: 120-270g transport length: 149cm total weight: 500g pieces: 3 Diameter but: 18mm Diameter top: 3.4mm possible counterweight 3x50g special features: 10 years guarantee on the blank The Pontos Ultra Caster is a high-end and top class rod  . The fine processed  Japan Toray Blank features extreme strength and flexibility in the throw with his Helix Nano carbon fiber and provides a tough backbone, which offers even the strongest fish Paroli.   Cod-doublets are hardly an enemy in strong currents. The casting behaviour is immensly powerful. The optimal casting weight is 150-220g, because the rod is best charged without loss of power in this area. With wind and current 270g can be fished without problems. With this rod, practiced caster can reach the width of 200m without problems. The bite indication on the top of the rod is visible, but not really noticeably, which certainly is the only contra of this rod. Our tip: Use extra bite indication when fishing careful flatfish. The high-quality Fuji-K-rings do a good job of leading the line in the right course and work very neatly and masterfully. The Fuji-DPS-deluxe-Reelseat is very pleasent to hold in hand and provides a good grip when throwing. The reel sits very tight. The connectors are put into systems and are increasingly working Overall impression: A rod of top class for experienced surf caster who seeks for a maximum of power. The combination of power, flexibility and dimensions set new standards in the area of surf rods. It is given a good ratio of price and performance. C.A.    

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