Breakaway Coil Crimp

Test:Breakaway “Coil Crimp“ The Breakaway Coil Crimp is a flexible, reusable and easy to use crimp. In my opinion it’s the best alternative to classic crimps, to build sea fishing rigs. Package :  a frame with 48 3mm yellow micro-beads  a 65 cm long metal spiral information leaflet The technical specifications and instructions have to be translated to continental metric sizes On lines with 40-50lb use 8 coils and on lines 55-70lb use 6 coils on lines with 0,60- 0,70mm diameter use 8coils on lines with 0,70 – 0,80mm diameter  use 6coils The main advantage is the reusability ,the adjustability an no need of special tools. Twist the line through the coils to set the fix crimp The beads are then screwed on the open ends of the coils, which finishes a tight crimp On the picture you can see, that there are 2 pieces with 150g leads are hanging ON the crimp and are not moving it on the line. The huge advantage in building surf rigs is the adjustability of the crimp, which can be moved on the line as needed. I have now tested the durability for one year and it is easy to use older coilcrimps on new rigs again. The monofile line of the rigs unfortunately still has the characteristic to stretch and widen itself. As a result the rigs do not fit a hundred percent after a few uses anymore, BUT now one can easily just change the position of the coilcrimps if needed. Most of the time I use a 26-27kg line with 0,70mm, which approximately is a 60lb line, a 40lb line is ca. a 0,60mm and a 70lb is ca. a 0,85mm line. This makes according to our measurements a rig line between 0,60mm and 0,85mm. For me one of the best  inventions in the accesories sector as readjustments are quickly done on the beach even without pliers and the position after a new knot of a ragged hook rather quickly resetable is. O.R.